Architects, Surveyors and Engineers

(For more information about Hinckley-based professionals see: Architects, Surveyors and Builders living and/or working in Hinckley c.1800-1950)


ADDISON, John, engineer, of Westminster


ASHBY, William, of Hinckley


BAINES, PROVIS & COPE, of Leicester


BALL, Joseph Alfred, (b. 1841, fl. c.1859-1902), of Hinckley [see also BALL & HEATON]


BALL & HEATON, Joseph Alfred (b. 1841) & Arthur Macdonald (b. 1876), of Hinckley


BARRADALE, Isaac, FRIBA (1845-92), of Leicester

[Other work included, in Leicester, his own house, 'Stoneygate'; St. George's Chambers, 3 Greyfriars, 1876; [now] Fenwick's Department Store, 1884; and The Cottage Homes, Countesthorpe, 1884. 'His works, which are mostly in Leicester and the neighbourhood, are of good repute' (obit, Builder, 1892)]


BARROWCLIFF & ALLCOCK, George Henry (1863-1924) & Edward Thomas (1871-1958), of Loughborough

[Other work included, in Loughborough, the Central Library, 1903-5; Emmanuel Church chancel/vestries, 1909; St. Peter's Church, 1910-12; and the Congregationalist Church, 1907-8]


BRADLEY, Horace G., of Birmingham

['Among the list of architects who who have contributed materially to the progress of British cinematography by building beautiful and attractive cinemas must be included Mr. Horace G. Bradley, of 10A Temple Row, Birmingham. Mr. Bradley has to his credit - among other fine structures - the Broadway Cinema and the Coronet, two of the landmarks of the industry in Birmingham' (The Cinema, 24 April 1924). Other work included, in Birmingham, the Coronet Cinema, Lozells Picture House, The Broadway, The Kingsway, The Carlton, Acocks Green Cinema and the Birchfield Harriers sports ground at Perry Bar; at Tamworth, The Grand; at Leamington, the Bath Cinema and Dance Hall; at Oldbury, The Oldbury Theatre; at Llandudno, the Princes Theatre; at Highgate, Highgate Picture House, Darwin Street and the Waldorf; and at Nuneaton, 'a large block of offices and shops with garage'.]


BROWN, Sir John, HENSON, A. E., & Partners, of London


BROWN & SHARPE, Frank LRIBA, & A. L. FRIBA, of Hinckley


CARÖE & PASSMORE, William Douglas (1857-1938) & Herbert (1867-1966), of London


CARPENTER, HUGH, of Leicester


CHESHIRE, John (17__-1812), of Over Whitacre, Warwickshire

[Other work included the rebuilding of the spire, St Mary de Castro, Leicester, 1785, and repairs to Stoke Golding church spire, 1788]


CHRISTIAN, Ewan (1814-95) , of London

[His extensive output included, in Leicestershire, St. Mark's, Leicester, 1870-2; St James, Oaks-in-Charnwood, 1883; The Martyrs, Leicester, 1889-90; and St. Peter, Copt Oak, 1889. Also restoration work at St. Laurence, Measham, 1841-2; St. Peter, Higham-on-the-Hill, 1854; St. Nichols, Bringhurst, 1862-3; All Saints, Hoby, 1863-4; St. Andrew, Great Easton, 1864-6; St. Bartholomew, Quorndon, 1865-6; SS Peter & Paul, Langham, 1876-8; St Peter, Brooke, 1879; St. James, Dadlington, 1885-6; St. Andrew, Lyddington, 1889-90; and St. Mary Magdalene, Knighton, 1894]


COOK, (Sir) Frederick Charles (1875-1947), council surveyor (1900-03), of Hinckley


COWDELL & BRYAN, William Morton (c. 1855-1925) & Arthur F. (fl. 1930s), of Leicester

[Bryan's other work included St. Anne's church, Letchworth Road, Leicester, 1933-4]


COX, George H., of Birmingham [G. A. Cox, LRIBA of Birmingham d. 1921]

[Other work included Redditch Library, 1885, and Our Lady and All Saints Catholic Church, Stourbridge, 1890 (Obit, Builder, 30 Sept 1921, p.405)]


CRUMP, Edward Harold AMICE, FSI, (fl. 1903-c.1935), council surveyor (1903-1919), of Hinckley and Nuneaton


DAIN & SMITH, John Messing (1810-86) & William Beaumont, of Leicester


DARLING, Brenda, ARIBA, of Hinckley




DRAKE, Francis Edwin, FGS, FALS, MSA, FSA (fl. 1861-1870), of Hinckley and Leicester

[Author, The Early Traces of Man on the Earth (London 1865). Other works included Congregational chapels at Leicester and Rochester; two Baptist churches in Leicester; Esplanade Hotel, Ryde, Isle of Wight; several Turkish Baths; several large warehouses and factories in Leicester (one in Gordon Street); villas at Brighton and Hassock's Gate etc.]


ELLIS, H. Alexander Ratcliffe, of Birmingham

[Ellis was in partnership with Charles A. Edge in Birmingham from 1900, shortly afterwards taking over his business]


ELLIS & BUNTING, H. Alexander Ratcliffe & A. H., of Birmingham

[In 1924 Ellis had been appointed Architect and Surveyor to the Diocese of Bath & Wells]


FEATHERSTON, John Stewart (fl. 1919-50), council surveyor , of Hinckley


FOWLER, Captain Ernest George, FRIBA (1882-1950), of Leicester

['He… supervised the erection of £1,100,000 worth of building in the county' (obit, Builder, 27 Jan 1950, p.139)]


GILLETT, William (fl. 1860s), of Leicester

[Other work included repairs to St. Peter's, Belgrave, Leicester, 1861]


GODDARD, Henry (1792-1868), of Leicester


GODDARD, Henry Langton, of Leicester


GODDARD, Joseph (1840-1900), & Company, of Leicester


GODDARD & PAGET, Joseph (1840-1900) & Alfred Henry (1848-1901), of Leicester

[For the Goddard practice, see Geoff Brandwood and Martin Cherry, Men of Property: The Goddards and Six Generations of Architecture (Leics County Council, 1990)]


GOODACRE & GOODACRE, Robert Johnson, JP, FRIBA, FSI (1826-1904) & John (d.1917), of Leicester

[Other work included St. Augustine's church, Newfoundpool, Leicester, 1898]


GOTCH & SAUNDERS, John Alfred, PRIBA, PAA (1852-1942) & Charles, of Kettering


GREWCOCK, William Thomas, ARIBA (d. 1915), of Leicester and Hinckley

[Other work included rebuilding of spire, Stapleton church, 1904-05; business premises in Earl Shilton; houses and farm buildings at Misterton and Kimcote for Leics. County Council; Burton & Sons' Dye Works, Leicester; and rebuilding of Star Inn, Belgrave Gate, Leicester, 1915]




HANSOM, Charles Francis (1817-88), of Coventry

[Other work included Holy Sacrament RC church, Coventry, 1844; RC church at Studley, Warwicks, 1850; RC church and presbytery at Coughton, Warwicks, 1851-53]


HANSOM, Joseph Aloysius (1803-82), of Hinckley

[Other buildings of this period by Hansom include Birmingham Town Hall, from 1832; Nonconformist Preparatory School, New Walk, Leicester, 1836; Lutterworth Town Hall, 1836; Rosary Convent, Atherstone, 1837-41; Coventry Union Bank, Atherstone, c.1837; mortuary chapel, St Mary's Priory, Princethorpe, from 1837; RC church, Nuneaton, 1838; Baptist Chapel, Leicester, 1844; and Clergy House for Holy Cross Priory, Leicester, 1845]


HARROLD, Thomas, sen., of Hinckley


HARROLD, Thomas (1832-1919), of Hinckley


HAWKSLEY, T. & C., civil engineers, of Westminster


HEATON & WALKER (1909-1974), Arthur Macdonald (b. 1876) & Sidney John (1881-1973), of Hinckley [see also BALL & HEATON]

[Other work included, in Burbage, the Co-Operative Society premises, 1929-30; Sunningdale, Sunny Hill, 1928, etc; in Wolvey, 'Carfax', Temple Hill, 1934, and the Axe & Compass, Wolvey Heath; and additions to the Dog & Hedgehog, Dadlington]


HICKS & CHARLEWOOD, William Searle (1849-1902) & Henry Clement (1846-1943), of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

[Other work included the building or restoration of many churches in Yorkshire and County Durham from the late 1880s]




HOLDING, Edward de Wilde, of Northampton

[Other work included additions to Christ Church, Northampton, 1913]


IRELAND, Joseph (c.1780-1841)

[Other work included All Saints RC chapel, Hassop Hall, Derbys, 1816-18; St John the Baptist RC church, Haywood, Staffs, 1828; Holy Cross RC chapel, Leicester, 1817-19; St Mary's RC chapel, Walsall, 1825-7; and SS Peter & Paul RC chapel, Wolverhampton, 1825-7]


JEPSON, H. M., ARIBA, of Nuneaton


KEAY, William, FRIBA, FRI, of Leicester (of PICK, EVERARD, KEAY & GIMSON)

[Other work included St Christopher's church, Leicester, 1928, County Offices, Friar Lane/Greyfriars, Leicester, 1936 and extensions to Carlton Hayes Hospital, 1930s]


LOCKE, Thomas Richmond


LOXTON, John (b. c.1833), of Wednesbury

[Other work included the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Swan Village, Staffs, 1865, Wednesbury Town Hall, 1870-2, and several school buildings in Staffs]


MALTBY, Frederick Allen (fl. c.1883-1911), of Hinckley


McCARTHY & COLLINGS & Company, Thomas Ignatius & Harry, of Coalville

[Other work included Holy Cross RC Church, Whitwick, 1904; the clock tower, Coalville, 1926; and additions to Our Lady of the Angels RC Church, Nuneaton, 1936]


MOORE, Temple Lushington (1856-1920), of Hampstead

[See Geoffrey Brandwood, Temple Moore: An Architect of the Late Gothic Revival (Paul Watkins 1997)]


OGDEN, Clement Copeland, FRIBA (1887-1967), of Leicester


OLDRIEVE, William Thomas, RSA, FSA, FRIBA (1854-1922), of Manchester/Edinburgh

[Other work included Post Offices at Hyde, 1899-1900; Weston super Mare 1900; Aldershot, 1900-02; Plymouth 1902; Merthyr 1903;Southampton 1903; Norwich (extension) 1904; Burslem 1904; Hereford (extension) 1904; Lincoln, 1906; Salisbury, 1907; Baptist Chapel, Springfield Road, Blackpool, 1903-4; and restoration of Stirling Castle]


ORCHARD, Thomas and Stephen, of Grimsbury, nr Banbury


ORTON, W. T., of Hinckley and Birmingham


PARSONS, William (1796-1857), of Leicester


PERKINS, George B., of Hinckley


REDFERN & SAWDAY, Francis, & Albert Edward, OBE, JP, FRIBA (c.1851-1923), of Leicester

[Other work by Sawday included, at Leicester, Clarendon Park Methodist church 1900; Union Board Room, 1882, Registry Office, Pocklington's Walk, 1883, and several factory buildings]


ROBERTS, Ernest Samuel (1890-c.1945)




SMIRKE, Sydney (1797-1877), of London

[Other work of this period included the library at Clumber House, Notts, 1829-31; Oakley Park, Suffolk c.1830; Gunnersbury House, Middlesex, c.1834; Thornham Hall, Suffolk, 1837-8; and custom houses at Bristol, Gloucester, Newcastle and Shoreham, Sussex c.1830-41]


SMITH, William Bassett (1830-1901), of London




WELLS, Josias, of Hinckley


WIGG, John (1860-1907), of Leicester and Hinckley


WIGGINTON, William, FRIBA (b.1828, fl. 1855-79), of London

[Other work included Christ Church, Clapton 1870-71; St. James, Hampton, 1863-4 (and enlargement, 1878-9); St. John the Baptist, Kingsland, 1867-72; St. Paul, Bethnal Green, 1863-4; St. Paul Old Charlton, Kent, 1865-7]


WILKINS, J. R., of Oxford



Sculptors (including woodcarvers and stonemasons)


FLEISHMANN, Arthur J. (1896-1990), of London

[Other work included sculptures of four Popes from life; perspex fountain for World Exhibition, 1970; crystal crown at St. Katherine's Dock, 1977; and many more]


HEDLEY, Ralph, of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne




MOORE, ___, of Leicester


MORCOM, Joseph Herbert (1871-1942), of Leicester


SMITH, J., of Bristol


WHITACRE, Aelred, OP (active 1930s)


WYON, Allan Gairdner (1882-1962), of London

[Other work included a relief figure of the East Wind on London Transport headquarters over St. James Park Station (1927-9)]



Stained Glass Artists


BALDWIN, F. S., ABSMGP, of John Hall & Sons, London


BLYTHE, W., of Bradford, & GRIFFITHS, A., of Golders Green


BURLISON & GRYLLS, John (1843-91), & Thomas Henry (1873-1953), of London


CORBAULD, Rupert H, FBSMGP, of A. O. HEMMING & Co., London


DAVIES, Archibald J. (1877-1953), of the Bromsgrove Guild


DAWSON, Clare, FBSMGP, of Parsons Green, London


EVANS, Sebastian, for CHANCE Brothers of Smethwick


FLEISCHMANN, Arthur J. (1896-1990), of London


HOLLAND, William, of Warwick


KEMPE, Charles Eamer (1835-1907), of London


MARTIN DANN, Messrs, of West Bromwich


WEBB, Christopher, FBSMGP (1886-1966), of St Albans



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