~ MAPS ~


1782: Town Plan

A - Coventry Road, Duck Paddle, Borough, Market Place, Church Lane, etc.

B - Lower Bond End, Stocken Head, Castle Street, etc.

C - Upper Bond End, Upper Castle Street, Grims Lane, New Street, Leicester Road, etc.

(by John Robinson, from J. Nichols, History & Antiquities of the County of Leicester, IV (ii), 1811)


1818: Tithe allocation map

(by Edward Phillips, LRO DE1225/246)


1889: 1:2500 Ordnance Survey (surveyed 1885-86)

A - Bond St, Borough, Regent St, Market Place, Lower Castle St etc

B - Upper Castle St, Wood St, New Buildings, Leicester Rd, Spa Lane, London Rd etc

C - Ashby Road, Derby Rd, Factory Road etc


1903: 1:2500 Ordnance Survey (revised 1901)

A - Lower Bond St, Mansion St, Stockwell Head, Trinity Lane, Druid St, Borough, Regent St, Market Place, |Lower Castle St etc.

B - Upper Castle St, New Buildings, Derby Rd, Leicester Rd, Hill St, Wood St, Spa Lane etc

C - Upper Bond St, Factory Rd, Ashby Rd, John St etc


1915 1" to the mile Ordnance Survey (corrected 1924-8)


1960 1" to the mile Ordnance Survey



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